Spanish Immersion Day Camps

Open to the Public- There are no Day Camps scheduled for the summer.

Day camps are offered by Mariposas Instructors on some AISD holidays so that you don’t have to find a sitter. They also serve as fundraisers for continuing education courses. The camps are theme based, fun and of course all done in Spanish. We will have day camps planned for the 2017-18 school year. They will include yoga, outdoor games, music class, art, Montessori lessons and more! Please check back in September for upcoming dates.

Join Mariposas instructors in 2017-18 for a fun Spanish day of games, science, music, art and beyond!


Quinn was so excited about the camp yesterday. She didn’t want to leave and when she came home she said she wanted to go to Spanish Camp every day.

Ashley, February 2015

My sons loved Spanish camp at HPM yesterday. They’re still talking about it… One of Gavin’s favorite things is his weekly Spanish class. They are excited to go back.

Adrienne, October 2015