Pre-K (Mariposas Classroom)




Open to Public | 2-6 years | Family Class

And now open to families and caregivers!  Join us and learn Spanish too.Your child can come on his own (ages 3-6) or with an adult (ages 2-6). See below for details.


Brentwood Elementary

Location: 6700 Arroyo Seco, 78757
Tuesdays: 4:10-4:55 (once a week)
Tuition: $65/Month
Family Tuition: $85/Month
*Contact enroll@mariposasspanish.com if you are interested in this class. It is pending.

Zilker Elementary

Location: 1900 Bluebonnet Ln
Thursdays, 2:10-2:50 (once a week)
Tuition: $85/Month
Family Tuition: $100/Month


Note: Due to a large increase in AISD classroom rental fee there may be an additional monthly classroom fee to cover some of the cost.

Pre Kk