Ana Jenneman

Since 2017
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

Ana has been teaching preschool age children since completing her Montessori training in 2002. She has taught at Santa Monica Montessori School in California, at a rural community Montessori School in Mexico called Chalmita, and in Austin at The Montessori Center/Hyde Park Montessori. While living in Mexico, she also taught English to children and adults in Patzcuaro, Michoacan. What Ana loves most about the Montessori method is the individual approach that truly strives to meet the child’s needs and encourages each child to stay connected to his heart while s/he develops a true love of learning, and allows the child to blossom into a caring, contributing member of society.

Ana completed a BA in Social Science with a focus in Education in 2001 then received her Montessori certification at Santa Monica Montessori in 2002. In 2016 she earned her Texas Teacher Certification.

Ana became fluent in Spanish while living in Mexico, between the years 1996-2009. She spent that time building an adobe house, learning about many aspects of self-sufficiency, gardening, teaching English, and getting a more realistic understanding of the human condition through exposure to another culture. She believes that experiencing other cultures is an integral aspect of personal growth and she is thrilled to share the joy of learning another language and culture with her Mariposas students and families!

Apart from teaching, there is nothing Ana likes more than to spend her time dancing. Her favorite kind of dancing (which she also teaches) is an American folk dance called Contra dance. She also enjoys two-steppin’ and swing, as well as cooking, gardening, crafting, swimming, camping, and spending time with her husband Scott.

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Ana Jennaman

Ana Jennaman


“Thank you so much for being a great Spanish teacher – seriously Ben speaks and SINGS in Spanish so much! It’s really incredible!”

Natalie, Dec 2017