Community Service

As part of Mariposas’ vision to give back to our community, Mariposas Spanish School teachers volunteer at Helping Hand Home offering Spanish classes to the children a few times a month. By doing so we want to spread interest in our language and culture in hopes that this knowledge makes a difference in their lives. We also would like to bring awareness to our community on this wonderful organization.



Their mission is to provide a nurturing and therapeutic home for children and to restore each child to a healthy family setting. Children, whose young lives were once filled with fear, pain, and chaos, are learning to trust adults to take care of them and reclaim their childhood.

Here’s how to help:
Helping Hand.org/Giving


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Mariposas Spanish School for Kids is proud to also support local non-profits:
KUT/KUTX, Esquina Tango, Roots & Rhythm, Austin Land Conservancy and Cine las Americas