Due to COVID-19 Mariposas Spanish School is offering limited in-person instruction. We are approving schools on an individual basis. If you are interested in holding classes please contact Yvette here.

Want to add Our Program to your School?

On-Campus Instruction

Mariposas has been teaching on campuses around Austin for over twenty years, so we know what is required for a successful Spanish program. All you need to provide is the space and we provide the curriculum, teachers, materials, and communication with families.On-campus classes can be customized to fit your school schedule: length, day, and frequency are all taken into consideration when establishing school partnerships.

Some popular options: Spanish can be integrated into the school day for all students (school pays for classes) or can be offered as an extracurricular for those that choose to participate (parents pay and register through us). 

For additional information and details, see our School Partnership Application. Email it to us when you’re ready to get started! 

School Partnership Application

Why Choose Mariposas?

Spanish is easy, engaging, and fun with us! Mariposas Spanish School has been teaching children Spanish since 1999. Our unique curriculum has shown that children learn a new language best when they’re engaged by their maestra (teacher) in a variety of ways. Music, art, science, literature, and the Total Physical Response (TPR) method make up the fabric of our Montessori-based curriculum. Students are not only acquiring Spanish language skills but are learning about other cultures and are gaining an understanding of other people.

By the end of a Mariposas sessison, students should be able to show off their skills in basic vocabulary, simple phrases, Mariposas songs, days of the week, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. We’re proud, not only to teach children Spanish but to be educating the next generation of global citizens.

Our Maestras are High-Quality Instructors

Mariposas instructors go through a rigorous training curriculum when they join our team and are required to take continuing education each year. Our staff goes through background checks and are CPR/First Aid certified. We are 100% vaccinated too!

Custom Created Curriculum

Mariposas’ curriculum is one of a kind. It has been lovingly crafted and fine-tuned over many years of research, trials, and success. We are proud to have pioneered an innovative approach to language learning with Montessori Method, Total Physical Response, the 7 Intelligences, and sign language. All lessons and materials are custom designed in-house.

Online Registration & Invoicing

It's important to make the administrative tasks simple for you! For schools that use our program as an extracurricular activity, promoting online enrollment is easy with our materials. Once students are in the program we handle all tuition & communication with parents. Classes integrated into the school day will be invoiced for at the end of the month.

Clear Comunicación

Mariposas communicates directly with families and staff about classes, program updates, changes, and lessons. Parents (in-person instruction) & contract schools receive monthly newsletters with events, extra practice tips, and more!