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Mariposas Summer Camp Registration is Open!

This summer we will be holding camps in early June and early August for children ages 3-8 years. Registration is open and our spaces are filling up.  If you have questions, or would like to enroll, please email Laura with your child’s name, age and camp dates.


Summer Classes!

We will be holding Spanish classes over the summer a several schools and in our very own Mariposas Classroom. More info

Summer Practice Workbooks- Order Now!

All Mariposas students are eligible to order our one of kind practice workbooks. These are idea for reviewing the entire year’s vocabulary while also listening to some of our favorite songs. Workbooks are $25. Proceeds go to our teacher education fund.  More info

Mariposas Spanish APP recognized by Parents Latina Magazine!

Our Spanish APP for ages 2-10, Spanish School Bus for Kidswas recognized by Parents Latina Magazine as one of the TOP 6 Spanish APPS for Kids!!! It has easy and fun ways to learn vocabulary words and videos with music from our Children’s CD, Cha Cha Cha.


NEW: Verbs APP ,Spanish School Bus II Verbos

Our next level APP is helps students learn verbs and conjugate using fun games, videos and lessons. It features songs and videos from our newest album, A celebrar con Mariposas. You can download the APP on Apple (iOS) or Google Play.



We now have two children’s albums! To purchase digitally or the CD, click: Cha, Cha, Cha! & A Celebrar con Mariposas!


Mariposas at your School?

If you would like our program offered at your school, please contact our Director, Yvette Montalvo


Register for our 2018-19 School Year!

Registration is always open! You can register at any time as long as we have availability in the class you want.  See our locations.    REGISTER.

Classes that are Open to the Public

For information on classes that are open to ALL students. Visit Mariposas Classroom


Mariposas Day Camps: on AISD Holidays!

Need a sitter on an AISD holiday? Mariposas Day Camps are held on most AISD holidays for students that want to immerse in Spanish all day. Camps are theme based and are for ages 3-8 years. Learn more about our next camp here.  If you have questions, would like to RSVP or enroll, please email Laura with your child’s name, age and camp dates.



Practice Spanish videos at home or on the go!

Here’s our first video “Los Colores” (The Colors) in it’s entirety for further practice at home…

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 Mariposas 2018-2019 Calendar 

Reference this to know all the dates for important class holidays, camps and events.