Online Spanish Classes

As we face difficult challenges in this current situation, and our children are home, we want to continue our classes virtually. Consistency, familiar faces, and continued learning are important for kids. Since we are no longer in the classroom, Mariposas will be sending families video lessons that your child can watch from home. This is all new terrain, and we want to make sure that your child continues practicing and enjoying their Spanish acquisition uninterrupted!
Our Spanish classes are open to all! If you are interested in having your child join our digital classroom, please reach out.

– Mariposas will provide weekly online classes for students and families. Along with video lessons, families will receive worksheets to print so children have a coloring or writing Spanish activity at home. These classes are open to all. If your child is not yet enrolled, please email us.

– The email will also give you the vocabulary and suggested ideas for activities to do at home to practice the vocabulary for the week.

– Payment is up to you based on your family’s needs. You can continue to pay your regular monthly tuition, choose what you can pay on a sliding scale, or not pay anything. All current students will still receive our lessons through May regardless of payment. Please see the ‘Tuition’ tab for more information on how you can pay for Spanish lessons.

– All proceeds will go towards paying staff. We have one teacher that is due with her first baby in June and two others that are the main source of income for their family. Any amount helps. We know these are tough times and understand if you need to opt out of or reduce any payment.

Current Families: Email with instructions on tuition amount. (ie. do not charge me, we want to pay $X amount, we want to continue with regular tuition payments.) We want to ensure that Spanish is still accessible to all of our students and welcome those who are interested in paying more to sponsor another child. (All proceeds go towards paying Mariposas staff.)  

New Families: The fee to receive one lesson per week (+ yoga in Spanish) can be paid monthly. Our suggested price is $65/month, however you can choose to pay what you can afford. We want to ensure that Spanish is still accessible to all of our students and welcome those who are interested in paying more to sponsor another child. Purchasing an e-gift card allows you to choose the amount you can afford instead of enrolling in a class with a fixed rate. You can make a one-time payment and receive or gift complete lessons.

If you would like to enroll in our online class, please click here.

If you would like to purchase a gift card for an amount other than $65 see below.

How To Purchase a Gift Card for Digital Mariposas Lessons: Click here or the enroll link at the top of this page. Enter your amount and enter your email before checking out. Our team will send you Spanish lessons via email. 

If you would like to purchase a gift card, please click here.

Since we are unsure of where we will be in the future, we are exploring a tiered subscription option that will allow all children to continue their Spanish learning from home year-round.

Feel free to download our Spanish APP for fun games, videos, and vocabulary. You can also download fun Spanish music from 2 of our albums recorded by an award winning artist, Adrian Quesada. Find out more at our mercado.

Watch Our First Week of Classes for Free!

Vacaciones en El Mar | PK Lesson | March 20th, 23rd

Vacaciones en El Mar | EL (K-3) Lesson | March 20th, 23rd

¡Vamos a hacer yoga en Español con Maestra Ashley!

Yoga en Español | El Delfin (Dolphin)

Yoga en Español | La Concha (Shell)

Yoga en Español | El Pez (Fish)

Yoga en Español | La Tortuga (Turtle)

Interested in joining our digital classroom? Click below to register your child!