Ashley Romero

CPR/First Aid Certified

Lead Teacher

Ashley Romero is a native Spanish speaker with Venezuelan and Colombian roots. She moved to Austin from Buenos Aires, Argentina four years ago after graduating with a Mass Media/Communications Studies degree. In a recent past life, she worked as a news producer for an Austin TV station, but quickly remembered that working with children is where her heart is happy.

With 15 years of experience working with children two months to 12 years old in a variety of ways (soccer coach, nanny, camp counselor, yoga instructor, and a preschool teacher just to name a few) she finds herself in another cocoon and is shedding an old self to become a Mariposas butterfly. Ashley is passionate about holding a safe space for children to practice authentic expression, self-awareness, self-regulation, intuition empowerment, emotional processing, and emotional literacy.

When she isn’t in the classroom, Ashley loves playing fútbol, building a food forest and house with her husband, being introspective, and working hard at becoming more and more zero waste every day.