Schools & Administrators

“We are very happy that we have exposed Stella to Spanish in such a fun loving way. I’m sure she will have an excellent association with the language for the rest of her life and it will help her continue her future studies in it. Muchas Gracias!”

– Jamie & Henry L.

“Ella told me tonight that she “loooovvvvessss” Spanish, so you guys are clearly doing something right.”

– Rachel F.

Our Spanish teachers come to you!

All you have to do is provide the space and we provide the curriculum, the teacher, the material, communication with parents and connect them with our lessons & bilingual activities around town.

Since we know schools each have their own specific schedules and needs, we are flexible and work with you to find the type of class that best fits your school. We can come to you once, twice or three times a week for 30-60 minute classes or longer if needed. You can customize your classes and we will try our best to make it work for you.

Our top priority when we partner with you is that every family, child and school has a positive experience.

Here's how it works:

Trained Instructors (CPR Certified and Fingerprinted)

All Mariposas instructors go through a vigorous training in our entire curriculum including positive discipline procedures. They are also required to take 6 hours of continuing education each year. All staff has had background checks and completed their CPR/First Aid certification.

Customized Classroom Material

Mariposas’ unique curriculum is one of kind. It has been crafted and finely tuned after many years of research, trial and success. We use a combination of the Montessori Method, Total Physical Response, the 7 Intelligences and signs language throughout our class. All of our lessons & material are custom designed by the Mariposas team to fit each weekly theme.

Clear Communication

Mariposas is always in communication with parents & staff about any changes, student updates and lessons. Parents will receive monthly newsletters that provide access to our monthly lessons and song of the month. Students registered in our program will also receive semester progress emails and an end of the year assessment for the class.

Online Registration or Invoicing

For schools that want our program as an extra curricular activity, we make it simple for you. We provide promotional material to share with parents then we take care of the rest! Online enrollment is simple and once students are registered, we handle all the parent communication. If we are providing classes as part of the school day (included in school tuition), we will invoice the school at the end of the month for an agreed amount.

Benefits of Our Program

– We make it easy! Children learn language quickly through our innovative lessons. 

– We are fun! Children create a positive association with learning languages.

– Increased problem solving skills.

– Building the foundation of understanding other cultures.

– Native speakers allow children to learn Spanish with correct accent.

– Studies show Increased Creativity when learning a 2nd language.

– Because we sing & play music, children gain a basic understanding of music &


– Respect & Good Manners: our program always teaches the importance of respect. 

Photo of Laura, the Enrollment manager, at Mariposas Spanish.
Sevylla del Mazo, Mariposas Spanish School Music Teacher playing games with students.

Are you ready to partner with us?

We are excited to bring high-quality Spanish to your students! 

Send us an email at with the following information:

1. School Wide or Registration Based

Would you like Spanish to be registration based and parents register their students?

Would you like Spanish offered as part of your school and included in school tuition?

2. How many days a week and how long?

Let us know if you would like classes to be once, twice or three times a week. They can be for 30, 45,

60 or 90 minutes.

3. Options for Days & Times

Give us several options for days and times that you prefer so we can look at our schedule to find a time

that fits with us.

4. How many groups and ages?

Please lists how many classes and what ages per class. For toddler we usually have a max of 7, PreK

max is 8-10, Elementary 12-14. If your groups are larger and will be offered as part of the school tuition,

we will request the school provide an assistant teacher.

5. Location of School

Where is your school located? This also helps us plan for driving time and assess if the days/times fit

with our scheduling.

Our classroom request for Spanish at your school:

1. Clean classroom space with space for circle and tables for students to do classwork.

2. Support of the program through parent communication/promotion & any assistance needed during class


Cost of the program includes:

Lesson planning, commute time, communication with parents/staff, purchase and creation of material.