Small Business Consultations

Yvette is the owner and Director of Mariposas Spanish School established in 1999. Yvette has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Spanish Literature from UT Austin and grown her program from 5 students to over 400. She has guided several businesses in starting their own programs here in Austin. 

If you are looking to start a business similar to Mariposas Spanish School and need some advice, questions answered or help getting started do not hesitate to contact Yvette. She will gladly guide you through any aspect of the business including:

Marketing: getting yourself noticed, brochures, business cards, website, etc.

Business Plan: Where to start, where you want to be.

Organizing: Administrative work versus hands-on work with children.

Building Your Business: adding complimentary services that help your business grow.

Answering Questions: Sometimes you may just have questions on where to begin, where to go

from where you are or who to talk to for particular services.

For more information and questions, please email Yvette at:

I always admired the way Yvette was always so calm and collected in regards to her business. I looked up to her and was very fortunate to receive ideas and advice from her in regards to traveling enrichment programs. Yvette helped me grow my business and I am very thankful for her wisdom, support and encouragement.


Workshops: $25-$80/hour.

Consultations: $80/hour

Rates are on a sliding scale basis.

Small Business Consultation Session Lengths