Mariposas Digital Summer Classes

Registration is now open!

Mariposas is excited to announce that we will be holding summer classes for both Preschool and Elementary levels on our digital platform! In place of June Camp, we will focus on providing high-quality lessons over the summer for your children.
Families can sign up for either of our course options:
1.Weekly private lessons customized to fit your child’s Spanish learning needs. (Currently available to current and past Mariposas students only.)
2.Digital summer lessons similar to what current families have received in April and May… with some exciting new perks!
Private Lessons: 6 Weeks – Open to Current & Past Students Only
1x/wk or 2x/wk | 15-20 minutes | M-F | $130-$240 | Available from June 5th to July 31st

Available for Current & Past Mariposas Students between 3 and 9 years old.

Private classes will be taught by one of our Mariposas teachers and will include interactive games, storytime, music, and fun activities to engage your child. 

Parents will receive any information on easy props or items needed prior to the weekly lesson.

Families will coordinate with the teacher to set the day and time for the weekly class and when the session will begin. (6 Week sessions must begin by Monday, June 22nd.)

Digital Classes: 6 weeks – Open to the General Public
On-Demand | 15-20 minutes | $65-$96 | Available from June 5th to July 31st

Learn Spanish at your own pace with Mariposas On-Demand lessons! Our courses will be available for children nation-wide, meaning your familia and amigos across the country can join in on the fun!

Tiered lesson options will be available for both Preschool and Elementary so we can best fit the needs and budget for each family.

If you are currently enrolled in the Mariposas program, then you have already done Sessions 1 and 2 and will be ready to go for our Summer Session!

Session 1: 4 Weeks ($65) 3 Standard Lessons + 1 Cultural Lesson
Session 2: 5 Weeks ($80) 4 Standard Lessons + 1 Cultural Lesson
Session 3: 6 Weeks ($95) 5 Standard Lessons + 1 Cultural Lesson