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¡Acompañanos! Join us for Camp Argentina this summer. Kids will have a blast learning and improving their Spanish skills through outdoor games, storytime, culture-focused activities, music, dance, and art.

It’s not just any camp…it’s the best immersive Spanish camp! 

Campers will be immersed in the culture of Argentina through a range of indoor and outdoor activities: from geography to culture, science experiments to cooking classes, and storytime to traditional outdoor games. Our guest maestras (teachers) offer fun supplementary classes like music, meditation, and environmental awareness. More advanced students can expect activities like reading, writing, and conversational games in Spanish.

Our goal is to create a memorable experience that kids can take with them in future endeavors. We aspire to provide a diverse and welcoming camp where students can practice their Spanish through a variety of activities while also being exposed to different cultures and ways of living. Please scroll below for our COVID-19 safety guidelines ¡Vamos!


Location: 3501 Red River St. in Austin, Tx

AGES: 3-5 and 6-8 (must be potty trained). 9+ assistants/mentorship opportunities

TIME: 9am-1pm*

*early drop off available




AUGUST CAMP TBA           [Theme]

2021 Camp Costa Rica - June Camp | FULL

Campers Ages 3-8


Two Weeks                    $600*

Week 1 Only                   $300*

Week 2 Only                   $325*

Assistant/Mentorship Opportunities


Assistants/Pre-Mentorship (ages 9-12)    $250/wk*

Mentorship                             (ages 13+)     $175/wk*

* Does not include $15 registration fee

NOTE: $100 deposit (included in tuition) and registration fee are non-refundable.

2021 Camp Costa Rica - July Camp | FULL

Campers Ages 3-8


   Two Weeks                                         $625*

 Week 1 Only                                         $335*

Week 2 Only                                         $335*

Assistant/Mentorship Opportunities


Assistants  (ages 9-12)                 $260/wk*                                                                           $510/2wks*

Mentorship (ages 13+)                 $175/wk*

* Does not include $15 registration fee

NOTE: $100 deposit (included in tuition) and registration fee are non-refundable.

2021 Camp Costa Rica - August Camp Pricing

Campers Ages 3-8

Two Weeks   | FULL |                                         $625*   

 Week 1 Only | FULL |                                          $335*

 Week 2 Only | FULL |                                          $335*             

Assistant/Mentorship Opportunities

Assistants  (ages 9-12)                 $260/wk*                |1 spot: Week 2 ONLY|                   $510/2wks*

Mentorship (ages 13+)                  $175/wk*

* Does not include $15 registration fee

NOTE: $100 deposit (included in tuition) and registration fee are non-refundable.

Maestra Lihlu helps a camper fill in un árbol nacional de Venezuela.

¿Donde está Venezuela?

Practicing vocabulary during a fall 2020 camp lesson.

Music class con Maestra Sevylla!

¡Foto del campamento de Venezuela 2019!

Maestra Laura gives a lesson on la ciencia during the 2021 MLK camp.

Inhala, exhala… Maestra Ashley leads 2019 campers through a meditation class.

¡Que padre! Campers complete a chilly science experiment with Maestra Laura during the 2021 MLK camp.

Our girls absolutely love the content of what they learn and speak so fondly of the environment as well - the teachers, the friends they make, and the activities they participate in. I'm so happy with how safe they made our family feel throughout the summer as well.
August 2021

My girls had a blast and came home speaking more Spanish every day. I love that they learned science- they never would have learned those concepts in Spanish anywhere else. And all the outside time was great for them.
J. Garcia
June 2021
My 2 sons (ages 5 and 8) did the Mariposa 2 week summer camp for the first time this year. They had both been exposed to Spanish but had no formal training (like couldn't say anything except "hola" and "muy bien"). They both had a lot of anxiety about going; they were worried it would be boring and school-like. I had the same fear, but I was OK with that if it helped them learn Spanish. Happily, the camp turned out to be totally fun and the boys loved it. AND, every day when I picked them up they were chatting happily with me using their new Spanish words and singing their new songs. I was blown away by how much Spanish was packed into those 2 weeks. The boys learned SO much, and they were not stressed about it at all. They enjoyed all the activities and didn't realize how much they were absorbing. I wish this camp went all summer! It was totally worth it and I can't wait for our next session with Mariposas!
June 2019