Sevylla del Mazo, Mariposas Spanish School Music Teacher playing games with students.

Sevylla del Mazo

Guest Music Teacher

Since 2009
CPR/First Aid Certified

Sevylla is a second-generation Cuban American and native Spanish speaker. She is the founder of Roots & Rhythms, which is a cultural arts and music education program that aims to increase community fellowship by providing a percussion program to local youth.

All children and youth participating in the “Roots and Rhythm” classes learn the importance of working co-operatively in a group, and also the importance of clear leadership within the ensemble. Students adhere to the discipline of the instruments and learn that doing anything well takes hard work.

Sevylla has been an instructor at Mariposas Spanish School Kids Camp since 2008. She leads the music and dance classes entirely in Spanish while teaching the children about instruments, rhythms and dances from latin cultures. While at camp, she applies her Roots and Rhythm message of building leadership and working cooperatively.

These are both qualities Mariposas feels are important to learn at a young age.