Virtual Language Education a Success and an Asset in 2021

Austin, Texas (January 26th, 2021) – Mariposas Spanish School is proud to continue providing high-quality Spanish education for children across the country through Mariposas en Casa, their virtual Spanish program, in 2021. Mariposas en Casa was developed in Spring 2020 as response to the local community demand for continuing Spanish education at home following the cancellation of in-classroom learning due to COVID-19. Over the last ten months, Mariposas Spanish School has been able to provide virtual live and on-demand classes at the international level, with families logging in from Texas to Mexico to England.

“We never would have imagined how fun virtual learning could be! When we decided to homeschool, we immediately signed-up our six-year old daughter Bennie for an online Spanish class with Mariposas, and it has truly been a highlight every week,” wrote Crystal, a parent, in an email to Mariposas Spanish School. “I was unsure if Bennie would connect virtually with an instructor she had never met in-person, so I was encouraged to see her making a genuine connection right from the beginning. She adores Maestra Laura and is eager to learn from her! I love to hear her singing Spanish songs in the other room, both during class and throughout the day. The class is also the perfect amount of screen time, and we appreciate the supplementary resources that Mariposas shares with us. We really can’t say enough about the positive experience we’ve had with Mariposas!”

Based on the Montessori and Total Physical Response methods, Mariposas Spanish School incorporates songs, games, storytelling, visual aids, mindfulness, and sign language to help children build a strong foundation in their Spanish language acquisition. Lessons also introduce Latin culture through music, traditions and customs, empowering children to grow as global citizens. 

Virtual classes are designed to be immersive and engaging, so children feel like they are right there with the maestra (teacher). Using a combination of online and offline practice, Mariposas Spanish School is bringing high-quality, affordable weekly lessons straight to families’ homes. Mariposas Spanish School encourages parents to sign up for a virtual class or their free on-demand lesson for preschoolers, ‘Los Colores’.

About Mariposas Spanish School: Founded in Austin, TX, in 1999, Mariposas Spanish School provides schools and communities with high-quality extracurricular Spanish. For over twenty years, it has served Central Texas with an innovative Spanish curriculum and has helped prepare children to become global citizens. Mariposas Spanish School was voted ‘Austin’s Favorite Place to Learn a Foreign Language’ by Austin Family in 2019. In addition, Mariposas provides high quality children’s Spanish APPs & music albums produced by grammy nominated musicians. For more information, visit