Weekly Lessons


Each week the Mariposas class focuses on a different theme that builds on previous lessons. The lessons for our classes are unique in that they are custom made by our teachers (including art projects, worksheets, flashcards and props). The lessons are based on the children’s level and interest. Instead of forcing a set lesson from a manual, Mariposas follows the child and their language acquisition while maintaing its class structure, philosophy and curriculum. In our program, your child will not only be learning the vocabulary and songs for the week; since the class is led by the children’s moods, questions, current events and holidays, they will also be exposed to many phrases, vocabulary, and knowledge that may arise in class thus becoming a part of their experience.




When you are part of the Mariposas family, you get extra fun bonuses- Informational Newsletters, access to lessons, and YouTube practice videos! Every month, you will receive our e-newsletter. The newsletter will provide you with class info, family friendly bilingual events, suggested practice tips, and a link to our parent log-in section on our website. The Mariposas Monthly Lessons page offers PDFs to the monthly lessons for your child’s class, lyrics to our songs, and an mp3 of our song of the month. It can be used as a tool for both you and your child to improve in Spanish. Along with these perks, you can also subscribe to our Parent/Child You Tube Channel.

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And for further practice at home…


Our Mariposas “Practice Spanish” videos are now being made available on YouTube. Each month, we are choosing one theme and/or select weekly lessons to create practice video’s for parents and children.

We’ve made them easy for children to watch on your tablet, iPad, phone, or computer. And parents can learn too!

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& Watch our “Practice Spanish” videos here:
“Practice Spanish” Playlist



1. Use the monthly lessons found in the parent log-in section. Each lesson has fun “homework” suggestions to continue practicing the language outside of class.


2. Review the art projects and/or worksheets that are taken home every week.


3. Listen to our song of the month to practice singing in Spanish.


4. Use our Mariposas Parent/Child Practice Page.


Even if you do not have time to use our online resources or practice suggestions, rest assured that your child will still be finding joy in learning Spanish in our classes. This is what is most important to the Mariposas staff.



Here’s our whole first video
“Los colores” (The Colors)