Spanish Development Workshops

Teaching Spanish to young children is fun and easy. You just have to have the right tools, songs, games and lessons to capture each child’s attention while only speaking Spanish. Here are workshops that can be offered for groups, schools or individuals.

Songs and games that work! Learn how to introduce songs and games while incorporating basic phases. In our training, you will learn lyrics, hand movements (sign language), and basic phrases for each level: beginner-intermediate, toddler to Elementary.

Circle/Story Time Workshops: Know which books and stories truly help the children learn Spanish. Learn to use Spanish books to get your lesson across, teach the vocabulary clearly and keep each student’s attention.

Curriculum & Teaching Materials That Work! Flashcards, Montessori lessons, props, songs/poetry & worksheets – we have a 4 years of curriculum for PK & Elementary plus hundreds of materials to share. We can train you on how to use them in the best way to truly teach the language. We will also train you to work with our unique curriculum that encompasses the best of Montessori, TPR, and the natural approach to make learning & teaching Spanish easy.

Class structure development: After 22 years, we have fine – tuned a class structure that interests all students and makes it easy for the teacher to lesson plan. It incorporates different methods and philosophies that make class exciting and simple for children to learn the language.

Discipline: Learn different simple methods that keep the class in control and listening instead of being bored and out of control.

Classroom Observations: We will observe your classes and give support, feedback and tips to improve all around class management and learning.

The Mariposas workshops have been critical to our success with Early Elementary Spanish at The Girls’ School of Austin. In each class, songs, dances, and rhymes are used to engage the girls. The workshop ideas for teaching vocabulary and conversation with props have worked well also. The girls love Spanish and go home singing the songs!
Spanish Teacher, Girls' School of Austin

Upcoming Public Workshops

There are no current public workshops available.

Continuing Education

Support your teacher’s continuing education through workshops, lesson plan training, and observation/feedback sessions. These rates are per person and currently only available for educators in Austin.

Continuing Education (per person & in Austin)

Private Workshops & Training

Live trainings in person or via email/phone/skype available view session lengths/options below. These rates are for private teacher trainings and consultation.

Teacher Training & Consultations

Mariposas Materials

We are excited to share that Mariposas Materials are currently being updated for personal and educational use. While they are unavailable, we encourage you to look into our CDs and two enriching apps.