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Homegrown in Austin, TX, we bring extra-curricular Spanish classes to you. Mariposas is a hands-on, thematically organized program that allows children ages 2 to 10 to learn Spanish through Montessori lessons, music, literature, games, sign language, art, and beyond. Join our award-winning Spanish program today!

Community Action

One of our missions as an Austin-founded organization is to give back to our local community. Throughout our history, we have donated to several local non-profits whose values align with our own through. Thanks to support from our Mariposas family, we have been able to help make an impact in our local community.

costa rica austin summer camps 2021

It’s not just any camp…it’s the best immersive Spanish camp! Kids will have a blast learning and improving their Spanish skills through outdoor games, story-time, culture-focused activities, music, dance, and art. ¡Todo en Español!

Looking for in-person Spanish classes for the 2021-22 school year?

We are coming to a classroom near you this upcoming school-year! We are transitioning back to in-person instruction starting this fall. Want to register for class? See our fall locations for more information!

Not a partner? Partnering with us is easy! All you have to do is put together a group of students and we provide the rest. Whether you’re part of a public, private, or homeschool group, Mariposas is here to solve your Spanish class needs.

Online classes

Learning Spanish from the comfort of home has never been easier! We are excited to offer  Mariposas en Casa – our digital Spanish program! Three options build the foundation for this side of Mariposas Spanish School: on-demand classes, Zoom group classes, and Zoom one-on-one classes.

Why choose Mariposas Spanish?

Mariposas Spanish School has been teaching children Spanish since 1999. Our unique curriculum has shown that children learn a new language best when they’re engaged by their maestra (teacher) in a variety of ways. Music, art, science, literature, and the Total Physical Response (TPR) method make up the fabric of our Montessori-based curriculum. Students are not only acquiring Spanish language skills but are learning about other cultures and are gaining an understanding of other people.

Explore Our Mercado

Strengthen your child’s confidence in Spanish with supplies from El Mercado. We’re proud to offer you original Spanish education content from children’s music albums to Mariposas-inspired apps, and more!

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