Thank you for the update about [our son’s] progress. We are definitely hearing more Spanish at home. Mason likes to greet me when I pick him up from school by jumping out from behind a curtain and declaring, “Mom! Estoy aqui!”

Tanya, Feb. 2018

Last week we traveled to Mexico City for Thanksgiving. Pierce not only asked how to say things in Spanish (i.e., bike, car). He would walk up to people and say ‘Me llamo, Pierce. Buenos Dias’. He also knew colors, red, green, yellow, and blue. He also knew dog, turtle, and, of course, butterfly in Spanish.

Thank you for all your work with him and his class. It’s definitely showing.

Emma, Nov. 2017

You all are fantastic. Our kiddos loved Spanish Camp at HPM. I’m shocked at how much they learned in such a short amount of time. I hear them singing songs in Spanish all the time (Loudly because, well, I have loud children). Last night at dinner, I said something about Guatemala and Everett said, “No mama. It’s “wha”temala. You have to say it right.” Thought that was awesome. We also loved the end of camp performance. Keep up the amazing work!

K. Antonelli, Jun. 2017

She loves Spanish class and is practicing at home these days, teaching a Spanish class to her stuffed animals. It’s so fun to watch!

Kellie, Oct. 2016

We couldn’t be more excited about the Spanish conversations that happen around the dinner table. The kids really enjoy it!

Melissa, Mar. 2016

Just wanted you to know that I was woken this morning by hearing Elia sing “Buenos Dias, buenos dias, como estas? como estas?…” in her bed this morning. Awesome!

Kendall, Feb. 2016

We are seeing so much progress in Dylan’s experience… He practices his Spanish all the time without prompting! He gets excited to go to class!

Katy, Nov. 2015

[Ethan] has heard Spanish in the home every single day of his life, but he’s never been willing to speak it (until recently). In the past, he would listen in Spanish but answer in English and only occasionally mix in some Spanish words. However, ever since he started Mariposas with you, we are suddenly hearing a lot more Spanish from him and we are thrilled!

Christine, Nov. 2015

I just wanted to let you know my son walked out of Spanish class yesterday and said, “I LOVE it, it was so much fun.” So thanks to Sandra for making his first Spanish experience wonderful – we look forward to it every Tuesday.

Kate, Sept. 2015

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much Corinne enjoyed camp this year. She came home every day with stories and things she learned that she wanted to tell us about. Thank you!!!

Erika P., June 2015

I just wanted to thank you, thank you for making such a great impression on Toby, and really instilling in him a LOVE for Spanish. He is speaking a lot of Spanish at home, teaching us lots of vocabulary, and we are hoping to learn more together this summer!

Thanks again – he had so much fun in your class.

Erin M. (and family), May 2015

Jonathan and I absolutely loved seeing Emi in class and were so impressed with how much she knew and how engaged she was with the class. We know, of course, how much she loves the class and especially loves you because she tell us that all the time! We couldn’t be happier that Emi is enjoying her Spanish class.

Lana H., April 2015

Esaias had a great time (at camp)! He did not want to leave when I would pick him up. 🙂 Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. We are looking forward to the school year and next summer.

Ann. G, Aug. 2014

Thank you for another magnificent camp. All of the work and all of the care you put into it really shows!

Sarah, June 2014

We are very happy that we have exposed Stella to Spanish in such a fun loving way. I’m sure she will have an excellent association with the language for the rest of her life and it will help her continue her future studies in it. Muchas Gracias!

Jamie and Henry Levine, April 2014

Thank you. Ty loves Spanish class! I hear more about it, then his football, soccer, or gymnastics. The only thing that comes close to his excitement for Spanish is riding the big blue bus on Wednesdays to Crenshaws. Those 2 things are all I ever hear about. Thanks again and see you soon.

Lauren, April 2014

As you can imagine, we are very proud of Ella’s accomplishments in Spanish class. She looks forward to her classes each week and seems to genuinely enjoy her time with you on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thank you for making Spanish “fun” for Ella.

Tawny S., Feb. 2014

Thank you to you and the teachers for making the class so much fun. Matilda loves it!

Amy, February 2014

I’m so pleased that Bella is doing Spanish again. She absolutely loves everyone from Mariposas and you all have been so kind to her. Many Thanks.

Sarah, October 2013

My daughter, age 4, attended Mariposa’s Spanish summer camp for two weeks this summer. I was a bit concerned about how the transition would go since she didn’t know many kids but she absolutely loved it, from day one. The staff was ample, warm and welcoming with routines in place that made it comfortable for the kids. My daughter came home using her Spanish words in context and enjoyed the daily cooking, art and dance activities. The end of camp program was a joy to watch as the kids performed songs and dance from Argentinian culture, their focus this season. I am very pleased that my daughter got to experience an immersion program, that she felt comfortable with it immediately, and that she had the opportunity to be introduced to another culture in such a comprehensive and age appropriate way. Thank you Mariposas!

Loraine F. June 2013

Thank you so much! I want you to know that Emery was absolutely thrilled that she went to Spanish class yesterday. She came home and told me all about it without me asking her, and showed me her stamp on her belly.Thank you! I wanted you to know that you made her a very happy girl! It’s such a joy to have her so excited about learning a different language!

Emery and Eve have so loved taking spanish classes from Mariposas. They speak so much spanish at home that it blows me away! I love your program and hope to be able to use it for them in the future. Best to you and the Mariposas family!

Lindsey, January 2013

Nico LOVES your class, I’m so glad there was room for him. He comes home a couple of times a week asking if I know the Spanish word for (what you taught that day), and he taught his two year old sister how to count to ten in Spanish. Thanks for inspiring him!

Ashlynn, February 2012

Thank you for all of your work – Christopher sings the songs he’s learned at the top of his lungs whenever he can!

Stephanie, May 2011

Ari LOVES LOVES LOVES Spanish class and I have noticed that her accent sounds very good (or at least better than mine…hahah). It’s always her favorite day when there is Spanish class. I can’t thank YOU enough for having such a great program and I hope that her love of Spanish always stays with her.

I am always raving about how the kids are so excited about Spanish class. Even little Boone was singing the song about Mariposas the other morning. J Kudos to you and your team.

Tammy, March 2011

Ruby wakes up with a special spring in her step on T/Th (Spanish days). Thanks so much for being such a positive force in her learning and life.

Melissa, November 2010

My son Dash came home knowing how to say all the seasons in Spanish today. I was FLOORED! Invierno was a little hard to say, but he knew them all. Amazing! He’s only 3! Thank you. : )

Ingrid Spencer, October 2010

Elizabeth has 1-on-1 play time in Spanish 5 hrs/week.
You have inspired a love for Spanish and her Spanish has grown (not declined) since camp.
Muchas gracias!

Susanne Gealy, September 2010

Thanks for teaching my child so much. Of all the classes and extra curricular activities she’s had this year, she has enjoyed and learned the most from Mariposas Spanish.. Thank you!

Misty S. Squire, April 2010

Kate loves Spanish class and looks forward to her days when she will see you. I am so impressed with how much Spanish Kate is speaking. She sings songs for us and counts in Spanish. The last few weeks she has been saying her colors almost exclusively in Spanish. Though she sees you only twice a week, you are an important person in her world. Thank you for providing such a safe and encouraging environment for Kate to explore a second language.

Misty D. Mathis, March 2010

Ella told me tonight that she “loooovvvvessss” Spanish, so you guys are clearly doing something right.

Rachel Fagan, February 2010

Nisan became a real addict to Spanish. He looks at books of words, ask his brother about pronunciations, etc. He loves it.

Professor Ronen, January 2010

We are so impressed with Alex’s knowledge of Spanish, especially his accent! Our Venezuelan neighbors are very proud of his pronunciation…THANK YOU!

Sarah Fekete (Alex – Primavera K), 2009

Hi Yvette! Thank you so much for the update. Zara has really enjoyed Spanish with you. We really feel like she is learning so much and it is fun to see the progress.

Kelly Weiss, 2009

Our daughter, Julia Cramer has graduated from NW Montessori and Mariposas Spanish class.
She has learned so much! Even on our vacation, she was going over her Spanish colors and names of animals. Julia’s experience with Mariposas has fostered a love of learning about another language and culture that she will continue through her life. Thank you so much!

Stacey, 2009

I’ve noticed his (Harry) increased attention to Spanish words. I’ve been very impressed with the Mariposas program and am grateful to have you (Yvette) as his Spanish teacher.

Shelly Leuzinger, 2009

Thank you so much for the update on Cassidy! I can tell she really enjoys Spanish as I hear “uno, dos…” numerous times throughout the day! I love having the lesson plans and homework assignments to encourage the parents along with the learning, as well.

I am so thankful for this opportunity for Cass I know it will give her an excellent head start for her future. I greatly appreciate all that you do to support her along this path and for the great care and education that you provide to her.

Tracy Clark, 2009

Great job Yvette! Miles has started watching all spanish cartoons where he would not do this last year with a very good understanding of the language. Can’t wait to take him salsa dancing!

Liana Tomchesson, 2009

Darrell and I want to thank you for inspiring Zairen so much to want to become a Spanish speaking person. He uses his language skills every day and truly enjoys teaching us what he is absorbing, pronunciation and all! He loves to speak spanish to stangers whenever he finds the opportunity and has really embraced a broader scope of culture because of your passionate style of teaching. Much love

Jen - Primavera Montessori - Lead Guide, 2008

I can’t begin to describe how wonderful I think your class is.
Miles has learned so much. The creativity, enthusiasm and your attentive theory is a recipe unique unto itself. Thanks for all your hard work,

Liana - aka mom of Miles(k), 2008

Thanks Yvette for a wonderful Spanish experience. This class has been a highlight of Cora’s experience at TMC.

Kathy Lewis, 2008

I just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous contribution you are making to his [Nicky] life experience. His Spanish lessons are simply inspiring to him and Dave and I appreciate your creativity and commitment to helping us nurture that in him. Very best regards,

Mia Erichson, 2007

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for the children. It’s more meaningful than you’ll ever know. Thank you so much!

Rebecca Giello, 2007

She [Elizabeth] has really been enjoying her class and starting to use lots of Spanish! Thanks so much for your wonderful teaching.

Allene Evans, 2007

James loves class! He’s learned the days of the week by which days he has Spanish – he gets so excited. It’s amazing how much Spanish he’s learned in such a short time.

Sara Wickman, 2007

Rye really looks forward to your weekly classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday he comes home and tries to teach me the Spanish words he learned and always corrects my pronunciation.

Thanks for doing such a marvelous job!


Skye Henize, 2007

Thanks again for doing such a terrific job with him. He loves Spanish, and is constantly asking me to translate things for him.

William M. Sage, MD, JD - Visiting Professor - UT Law School

BTW – Just wanted to let you know that Maya loves Spanish class. This was a surprise as she hated her last one (at a different place). She has picked up a nice accent.

Thanks, Jolie, 2006

Emma Jane’s first words out of your door today were, “Thank you, Mom for getting us a GREAT new Spanish teacher! That was so fun!” Sam was equally as thrilled. So thank you. Emma had all but given up on Spanish ever being fun.

Jennifer Hopper, 2006

Pearl really loves her Spanish class and she is always happy to show off her skills. We like to practice at home together. Mariposas rocks! Muchas gracias!

Christiane, 2006

Both my girls LOVE Spanish . . . and Kate LOVES Kareen so much — but she calls her Cotton. (I wasn’t sure of her real name until I spoke with Mary Ann.) Please pass on to “Cotton” for me that Kate talks about her every day and tells God thank you for Cotton almost every night.

Tracy Levins, 2006

While I volunteered as a photographer at Mariposas Spanish Kids Camp I was impressed by the diversity of activities and innovative instruction.

Tara Adams, Educator and Photographer, 2005

Even though Dave (Eirene’s dad) spoke only Spanish to Eirene for the first 2 years of her life, she rarely spoke any back to us.

After Eirene came home from Spanish camp, she began asking for things in Spanish and speaking Spanish more comfortably. Her interaction with peers made a big difference.

Eirene thoroughly enjoyed camp— there was even a day when she wasn’t feeling well and she insisted on going to camp instead of staying home! We highly recommend Yvette and her Spanish classes!

Dave & Holley Gonzalez, 2005

The camp was wonderful. Elizabeth really enjoyed it and is speaking much more Spanish. She proudly informs people that she knows how to make guacamole and salsa. The cooking, restaurant role play, music, dancing, and art were all much enjoyed and I think the use of a daily theme is a great idea. Muchas Gracias

Allene, 2005


Philip, Yvette, & Vianey having a blast after receiving our “Finalist” medal at the 2014 AIBA Armadillo Awards for “Best Business Without a Store Front”


Yvette receiving our “Finalist” medal.