Mariposas’ unique curriculum is one of kind. It has been crafted and finely tuned after many years of research, trial and success. Our program has had such great results that many teachers and language schools now use our methods when teaching Spanish.

An overview:

    1. Our curriculum is progressive and incorporates different teaching methods such as Total Physical Response, the Natural Approach, the Montessori Method, Sign Language, and the Seven Intelligences.


    1. Mariposas’ curriculum is structured yet it also allows the child’s mood, ideas, imagination and questions to lead the class. The class is about having fun without any pressure, so the children can establish a positive association with learning a new language.


    1. Mariposas always meets children at their level. Depending on their age and learning ability, different teaching methods involving kinesthetic, visual, musical and mathematical approaches are used to make learning easy for everyone. Reading and spelling is also taught as each child is ready.


    1. The lessons for our classes are unique in that they are custom made by our Mariposas Curriculum Design Team. Our art projects, worksheets, flashcards and posters are all designed specifically for our students. In addition to the children learning the basics, our lessons also introduce the children to science, history, geography, math, practical life, and latin traditions- all in Spanish!


    1. Mariposas holds small classes, as to provide individual attention to each student, allowing them to fully experience the Spanish language.


  1. In Mariposas Spanish School, the students are acquiring Spanish language skills, in addition to, learning respect, cultural traditions, and gaining an overall understanding of other people, thus opening many possibilities for their future.


“I was very impressed with the way that Laura presented the material and how she seamlessly incorporated so many elements into the lesson. If asked to describe what I observed, I would say that it was a finely-tuned, engaging and fun learning time in which the children were asked to participate through music, movement, sign language and more. It was amazing to see how much the students already knew and the high level of interest and interaction they demonstrated.”

-Donna 2014